Centre for Urban Studies

WeMakeThe.City Festival

20June2018 24June2018


WeMakeThe.City is the largest city festival in Europe, taking place from 20 to 24 June, celebrating urban living whilst addressing important urban issues in the metropolitan region of Amsterdam. How can we make our cities better? How do we make better cities?

During the festival a wide range of activities is organised in dozens of locations all over Amsterdam. Several members of the Centre for Urban Studies organise activities as well. 

Symposium New Tokyo Story

In this symposium, CUS member Zef Hemel and Moriko Kira have invited Tokyo-based specialists, academics and practitioners, to reflect on these symptoms of Tokyo’s transformation and of the ways in which thegovernment, companies and citizens manage its urban future. Amsterdam, a small globalcity with 2.5 million inhabitants, can learn by examining Tokyo, the world’s biggest city with38 million inhabitants, and can draw inspiration for new ways of dealing with practical, local knowledge through holistic intervention in a high-dynamic urban fabric under the pressure of globalization.

Saturday 23 June 2018, 9.30 am – 6.00 pm, Pakhuis de Zwijger Amsterdam

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