Call for Project Proposals: Urban Studies Post Doc

6 October 2016

In January 2017, the Centre for Urban Studies starts a new search for one Urban Studies Post Doc (70% research, 30% teaching). The position is for two years, with the prospect of permanent tenure in case of significant grant acquisition.

Who can apply?

The application should be made jointly by two full and/or associate professors (HL and/or UHD) from two different programme groups participating in the Centre for Urban Studies. Applicants cannot participate in more than one application.

Project selection criteria

There are two main selection criteria, directly stemming from the mission of the Centre:

1. Interdisciplinarity. In which measure is the project a new disciplinary combination? How does the combination strengthen the profile of the Centre for Urban Studies? What is the added value of the project? How much is the project embedded in each of the two participating programme groups? Is it likely to stay a one-off project, or a project that could ignite more collaboration between the two programme groups? Could the project also have happened within one of the two programme groups?

2. Topicality. What is the societal and scientific relevance of the theme/project? Why is it urgent? How likely is it to attract outstanding talent to the University of Amsterdam? How big is the chance of the project generating successful grant applications?

Project selection procedure

The application will consist of a short text (approximately 800 words) delineating the theme/project, and explicitly stating how it addresses the two main selection criteria mentioned above.

Submission deadline

15th of November 2015 17:00h (please send applications to: One application will be selected at a follow-up meeting of the Urban Studies Executive Board (planned in December/January). The usual recruitment procedure will start directly after selection.


  • 4th of October, Call send to CUS’ full professors and UHDs; 
  • 15th of November 17:00h, deadline submission project proposals (;
  • Follow-up meeting with Executive Board December/January to discuss proposals;
  • Start recruitment procedure January 2017.

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