Seed Grant XL Open Call - Centre for Urban Studies

13 October 2016

This academic year, the Centre for Urban Studies launches – in addition to the regular Seed Grants – a special round of Seed Grants XL.

Seed Grant XL

The Seed Grant XL call serves to support and facilitate bigger and innovative research initiatives of CUS’ research staff, both permanent and temporary (PhDs, Post Docs) which cannot be realised within the budget of a regular Seed Grant (2.500 EURO).  A maximum of up to 10.000 EURO per Seed Grant XL is awarded.

The grants are provided to assist our members in their work, to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue, and to stimulate original research in the field of Urban Studies. The seed-grants aim to bring different people together to discuss ongoing research (e.g. PhD), or to create a platform to develop and/or get additional feedback on research proposals. We especially appreciate initiatives that: bring together academic research and work on Urban Studies from different disciplines and programme groups within CUS, enable exchange and collaborations between researchers from CUS and researchers from abroad, facilitate a dialogue between academic researchers and stakeholders in the city of Amsterdam. Proposals involving PhD students or aiming at developing new research proposals are particularly welcomed.


Examples of projects to be considered for funding are:

  • Joint conferences or larger seminars between different programme groups or disciplines;
  • A grant writing fellowship for a researcher without a permanent position at the  UoA;
  • Funding an urban artist in a residence;
  • Funding (e.g.) a video to communicate an urban research project to the wider public;
  • Outreach projects with the City of Amsterdam or other stakeholders going beyond a one-off event (e.g. series of public debates, panel discussions);
  • Hiring a student-assistant to support in preparing a grant proposal;

Besides financial support, the Centre for Urban Studies will help with the practical organization and communication of the awarded initiatives.


The description should clearly explain:

  • why this project applies for 10.000 EURO instead of 2.500 EURO (what this larger grant makes possible that cannot be done with a smaller amount - this is a key selection criterion);
  • the goal(s) of the project;
  • how it adds value to the Centre for Urban Studies and fits its mission;
  • its timeline, including the expected completion date;
  • how its results/outcomes will be presented to the Urban Studies community (and possibly beyond) a project budget;

To be considered for this first round of 2016/2017, please send a project description of max. 600 words to: before the 25th of November, 2016.


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