Farewell Lecture Willem Salet online

15 December 2016

The Farewell Lecture of Willem Salet on Public Responsibility held on the second of December is accessible online.

Willem Salet has been Professor of Urban and Regional planning at Department of Geography and Planning, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences at the University of Amsterdam since 1995. As both a sociologist and urban and regional planner he has specialized in studying the role of planning and governance in society and focuses on the coordination of public and private actions in urban and regional development in Europe. His main areas of research include strategic spatial planning, the use of institutions in planning, planning and law, planning and infrastructure, metropolitan governance and spatial and institutional development in European regions.

Salet illustrates his farewell lecture on Public Responsibility with the recent 'Omgevingswet', the new Dutch Environment & planning Act. 

Published by  CUS