Centre for Urban Studies

Four Urban Studies Seed Grants for promising initiatives

24 May 2017

At the start of the academic year, the Centre for Urban Studies launched an open call for seed grant proposals, to support and facilitate research initiatives of CUS’ research staff (both permanent and temporary).

The grants have the aim to mobilize people and ideas, ‘to plant promising seeds’, to foster interdisciplinary dialogue, and to stimulate original research in the field of Urban Studies. This spring, four grants of up to 2.500 EURO have been awarded:

1. ‘Critical Comparative Urbanism Seminar Series’

Submitted by: Hebe Verrest and Rivke Jaffe

This Seminar series support to develop a closer engagement amongst CUS scholars with debates on the geographies of urban theory. In doing so, it also fosters dialogue between different disciplines and it increases the visibility of the CUS in- and outside the UvA.


2. ‘The right to govern the city – RMUS Symposium 2017’

Submitted by: Jelke Bosma, Eline Splinter, Justus Uitermark, and Wouter van Gent

This symposium, organized by the Research Master students in Urban Studies, connects the Centre to a wider audience by bringing together academics as well as practitioners by approaching various cases from both academic and practical perspectives during a public discussion. The symposium offers students and researchers at the Centre for Urban Studies a chance to engage, connect and discuss with senior academics and experts from the field. In addition, a documentary on the activities of the Resma students in Urban Studies is shown and a series of blog posts will be published.


3. ‘City Talks – A CUS Podcast Series’

Submitted by: Carolina Maurity Frossard

The main goal of the CUS podcast series City Talks is to engage topics of interest to urban studies – such as conflict, security, diversity, identity, and representation – through a format accessible (and enjoyable) to listeners from within and outside academia. The idea is not to merely translate ongoing research into laymen’s terms, but to weave together the voices of urban researchers and residents, in order to construct absorbing and relatable narratives around a particular theme.


4. ‘Urban Heritage-Making: Cultural Forms, Local Histories and Redevelopment’

Submitted by: Carolyn Birdsall, Linda van de Kamp, and Anastasiya Halauniova

This project consists of an academic workshop with international guests at which invited and pre-circulated papers are discussed with the idea of forming a special issue on the topic of urban cultures, heritage and redevelopment. In addition, a special “Museum Day” in collaboration with Amsterdam Museum is organized. This day will include a moderated and public round-table and an interactive performance by the interdisciplinary artist collective Moving Matters Traveling Workshop titled ‘In/Heriting Cities’.  And last but not least, a special issue will be published with a selection from the pre-circulated papers.


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