Awarded Seed Grants

In 2015, the Centre for Urban Studies started with its seed grant programme, which aims to support and facilitate research initiatives of CUS’ research staff. This a complete list of all the Awarded Seed Grants by the Centre for Urban Studies.

‘Urban Heritage-Making: Cultural Forms, Local Histories and Redevelopment’

Submitted by Carolyn Birdsall, Linda van de Kamp, and Anastasiya Halauniova

  • An academic workshop with international guests, with as goal of forming a special issue on the topic of urban cultures, heritage and redevelopment.

  • A “Museum Day” in collaboration with Amsterdam Museum

  •   A Special Issue of Journal Cultural Geographies


‘City Talks – A CUS Podcast Series’

Submitted by Carolina Maurity Frossard

  •   A CUS podcast series City Talks is to engage topics of interest to urban studies – such as conflict, security, diversity, identity, and representation.


‘The right to govern the city – RMUS Symposium 2017’

Submitted by Jelke Bosma, Eline Splinter, Justus Uitermark, and Wouter van Gent

  • The Open City Symposium, held on the 7th of June in Lola Lik (Bijlmer Bajes).


‘Critical Comparative Urbanism Seminar Series’

Submitted by Hebe Verrest and Rivke Jaffe

  • Seminar series supporting to develop a closer engagement amongst CUS scholars with debates on the geographies of urban theory.


‘Securitizing Urban Housing: A Comparative Approach’

Submitted by Frank Muller

  • A group of workshops that will result in a key note, additional presentations, a paper and grant application.


‘Mapping denied spaces through new urban methodologies’

Submitted by Karin Pfeffer and Christien Klaufus

  • A two-day workshop to design a grant proposal framework that includes the research question, an interdisciplinary research approach with integrated methodologies and potential case study cities, and to set-up a research consortium.


‘SAGA High Dosage Tutoring in Amsterdam’

Submitted by Bo Paulle

  • Results of the study will be presented and discussed at a special mini-conference and partnerships with other parties involved will be stimulated.


‘PLATFORM: The Urban Commons of Culture: Collective Action and Cultural and Creative Industries’

Submitted by Robert Kloosterman, Amanda Brandellero, Claartje Rasterhoff, Rosa Koetsenruijter

  • An online platform on the urban commons of culture and public kick-off event in Amsterdam, bringing together key experts and stakeholders on the urban commons of culture.


 ‘Sounds of Amsterdam. Reframing sound as a resource supporting urban transformations’

Submitted by Edda Bild, Adeola Enigbokan, Michiel Huijsman, Mercedes Zandwijken

  • A two-day workshop
  • A research report an academic paper
  • A detailed  action  plan for the process of urban transformation.


‘Who Can Stay: A Comparative Study of Mobility Control in Amsterdam and Yangon’

Submitted by Darshan Vigneswaran

  • A research proposal for an ERC consolidator grant, present the findings on a seminar at the Centre  for  Urban Studies in collaboration with the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies.
  • Submit - in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg - a funding  proposal  to  the  Swedish  research  council.


‘Two month research visit Dr. Sahil Gandhi, University of Mumbai’

Submitted by: Niels Beerepoot.

  • A half-day seminar will be organised to bring together the researchers in CUS working on urban issues in India (e.g. Jan Nijman, Karin Pfefffer, Champaka Rajagopal, Isa Baud, Randhir Kumar). Researchers elsewhere in the Netherlands working on urban India will also be invited.


‘The feminizing city? Productions of space for the post-Fordist sexual contract’

Submitted by: Marguerite van den Berg.

  • A joint workshop to be organized in May 2017 at the University of Amsterdam. It will be organized for a group of approximately 30 participants from CUS and ARC GS and from other universities in the Netherlands.
  • Publication of the book Genderfication – The urban gender revolution (Palgrave, 2017).


‘The enduring relevance of the Chicago School of Sociology for contemporary urban studies’

Submitted by: Dennis Rodgers.

  • One day workshop, taking place in March 2017.
  • An innovative edited collection to be submitted to a major interdisciplinary urban studies journal such as IJURR or Urban Studies
  • A public lecture in the CUS’ Urban Lecture Series.


‘The urban professional: Changing cities in times of dispersed and specialized urban knowledge’

Submitted by: Federico Savini.

  • High-profile, international symposium on ‘urban professionals’ that fills an existing knowledge gap, to be held in Amsterdam on February 2017
  • Edited book publication within a top-ranked publisher (to be delivered max mid-2017).
  • International grant application for further research cooperation (Horizon 2020, ORA-NWO Grant, or JPI Urban Europe).


‘Conductors and Computers: recovering the human infrastructures of smart, high-tech, and technologizing cities’

Submitted by: Olga Sezneva.

  • International workshop: a 3-day workshop at the Center for Urban Studies in December 2016.
  • Aiming to prepare a proposal for ORA 2017. 
  • The Russian National Science Foundation supports international collaborative projects in the field of Urban Development, and we plan to apply for the International RNSF grant in the fall 2016. 
  • Prepare a bid for Horizon2020 in 2017.


‘Three day international seminar on Institutions in Action’

Submitted by: Willem Salet.

  • Seminar on 2-4 December 2016.
  • Publication of a book (2017-2018).


‘Homing the Dutch: On the Planning and Politics of Belonging’

Submitted by: Fenneke Wekker (PhD) and Jan Willem Duyvendak.

  • Special issue, published by the peer reviewed journal Home Cultures in 2016.
  • Seminar on the Urban Planning of Belonging, which we will organize on the 2nd of November 2016.


‘Mobile Urban Lab Experiment on Meaningful Encounters in Amsterdam’

Submitted by: Tuna Tasan Kok.

  • Walking Urban Lab, to be held on the 25th of October 2016.
  • Evening event at Pakhuis de Zwijger on the 25th of October.


‘Post-industrial development strategies as a topic in comparative urban studies – A joint workshop of the UvA Centre for Urban Studies and Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography, Leipzig, Germany on collaborative project proposals’

Submitted by: Marco Bontje.

  • Joint workshop to be held on the 18th of October 2016.
  • The intensification of international collaboration between UvA-CUS and IfL. Building on earlier successful collaborations between UvA-CUS and IfL during a Marie Curie Host Fellowship of Marco Bontje at IfL (2002-2004), the Dutch-funded project ‘Innovative City-Regions’ (2004-2007) and the EU FP6-project Accommodating Creative Knowledge (ACRE, 2006-2010).
  • Explore options for further collaborative projects.


‘Urban Tourism’

Submitted by: Willem Boterman & Fenne Pinkster.

  •  The organisation of a scientific workshop at the Center for Urban Studies mid-September 2016.
  • A public seminar about the impact of urban tourism which aims to bring together scholars, public intellectuals, policy makers and residents, mid-September 2016.
  • Building of a consortium that applies for funding for an international comparative study through the ENSUF research call (JPI-Urban Europe) about the impact of urban tourism on local communities in cities across Europe.


‘Mapping and Sharing Amsterdam Sustainability’ (student internship)

Submitted by: Hebe Verrest and Joos Drooglever Fortuijn.

  •  Seminar in September 2016, to present the results of the collection and selection of sustainability initiatives in Amsterdam.
  •  Input on sustainability initiatives for online platform and United Nations Global Compact Cities Programme.


‘Urban Public Space and Data Gathering: a multi-disciplinary challenge’

Submitted by: Edda Bild (PhD).

  • A workshop on urban public space to be held on the 23rd of September 2016. We discuss multidisciplinary collaboration between different sciences and practice for acquiring a holistic understanding of the urban experience.


‘Urban Security and Spatial Interventions: Bringing Anthropology and Planning into Dialogue’

Submitted by: Francesco Colona (PhD).

  •  A one-day workshop titled ‘Urban Security and Spatial Interventions’ to be held 16th of September 2016.
  •  Guest lecture in CUS’ Urban Lecture Series at Pakhuis de Zwijger, to be held 15th of September 2016.


‘Valorisation project: Opgroeien in de drukke stad’ (Growing up in a busy city)

Submitted by: Lia Karsten.

  •  Book publication ‘De nieuwe generatie stadskinderen. Ruimte maken voor opgroeien’.
  •  SPUI25 debatavond on the 9th of June 2016.
  •  Pakhuis de Zwijger debatavond ‘City as a Lab’ on the 29th of June 2016.


‘New Perspectives on Urban Living in Contemporary Romania’

Submitted by: Oana Druta (PhD) and Richard Ronald.

  •  A half-day workshop focusing on housing and urban living, organized on June 10th 2016.


‘CUS Spring Workshop: The Political and the City’

Submitted by: Various Centre of Urban Studies PhD’s such as Francesco Colona, Thijs Jeursen, Tracian Meikle, Carolina Frossard, Alana Osbourne, Lior Volinz, Davide Gnes, Retna Hanani and Yannis Tzaninis.

  •  A two-day workshop, organized on June 7 and 8, 2016.


‘Amsterdam Fair City - International lessons - INURA Amsterdam’

Submitted by: Virginie Mamadouh, Wouter van Gent and Justus Uitermark.

  •  A public event with INURA Amsterdam on international experiences with struggles for a Fair City, organized May 9th 2016.
  •  PhD Workshop. Urban Research and Activism: 'Applied Research, Academic Advocacy or Research Activism?', organized in mid-May 2016.


‘Power, Citizenship and Participation in ‘smart’ urban environments’

Submitted by: Dorien Zandbergen.

  •  One‐day workshop, which took place in February 2016.

Published by  CUS

14 June 2017