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dr. E.M. (Eileen) Moyer

  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
    Programme group: Anthropology of Health, Care and the Body
  • Visiting address
    REC BC
    Nieuwe Achtergracht 166  Room number: B5.08
  • Postal address:
    Postbus  15509
    1001 NA  Amsterdam



From 2003, when she completed her PhD (University of Amsterdam), until 2008, Eileen Moyer worked as the research manager and coordinator of the “Anthropology of AIDS in the 21st-Century” research group, based at the University of Amsterdam. This group, which she helped to establish with Anita Hardon, has been remarkably successful, earning multiple research grants and resulting in the completion of more than 20 PhD projects. Between 2004 and 2008 she coordinated the training of PhD researchers and the writing of research proposals, and organised international conferences. Since 2004 she has also coordinated and managed five externally funded, international research projects. Although her management position did not include research or writing time, she published three peer-reviewed articles and two book chapters from her PhD research during that period, while also gaining valuable managerial and supervisory experience.

In October 2008, Moyer was appointed Assistant Professor of medical and urban anthropology at the University of Amsterdam and, in 2009, received a four-year grant from the Dutch National Institute for Scientific Research (NWO) to direct a research team to investigate the social forms that have arisen in eastern Africa in conjunction with the expansion of HIV treatment. With more than 60 publications to her name, she has been published in anthropological, medical, public health, health policy, urban and media studies journals. As recognized expert on anthropological research on HIV, she was invited to author a review article on the topic in the prestigious Annual Review of Anthropology (2015). In recent years, she has begun to co-author articles with her PhD and post-doctoral researchers underlining her reputation as a collaborative researcher committed to mentoring junior scholars

She was granted tenure in October 2012 and promoted to the position of Associate Professor in 2016. She is also the co-founder and co-editor of the open-access journal Medicine Anthropology Theory.


For her PhD research Eileen Moyer did extensive anthropological fieldwork on the social worlds and health concerns of poor urban street youth in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Since, she has been involved in comparative studies of access to health care for marginalized communities, focusing on HIV-related care and treatment, and sexual and reproductive health more generally among migrant populations. These studies involve anthropological fieldwork in diverse socio-cultural settings and at multiple levels: global, national and local. Most of her research has focused on eastern Africa, but she has also worked in Haiti and China. Moyer has contributed to the development of community level participatory research methodologies and frameworks for use in applied settings and developed theoretical frameworks for analyzing the long-term societal impact of HIV on communities in high prevalence settings. She has also been involved in the training and guiding of researchers and in the comparative analysis of results from multi-sited research. 

In 2015, Eileen Moyer was awarded a prestigious 2 million Euro Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council to conduct research on urban masculinities in Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa through 2020 ( Leveraging this opportunity to secure funding for additional researchers, she has formed an interdisciplinary research group around the theme of Gender, Sexuality and Health in Urban Africa. The team has more than 20 members who conduct research on HIV, sexual rights, and gender equality initiatives, attempting to understand how global influences have shaped gender and sexual norms and practices in urban Africa over the last quarter century. She is personally engaged in research tracking the life trajectories of a group of Tanzanian men she has followed for nearly two decades. In addition to co-authoring several peer-reviewed journal articles this year, she is also working on three book manuscripts: one based on her twenty years of researching community-based responses to HIV in Africa, a second on gender and sexual violence in South Africa, and a third based on her longitudinal work in Tanzania. 

The following gives an overview of Eileen Moyer’s main research projects since completing her PhD:

  • Principle Investigator. Becoming Men: Performing responsible masculinities in contemporary urban Africa. European Research Council 2015-2020.
  • Co-Principle Investigator. Assessing the role of PrEP for people from HIV endemic countries (PECs) living in The Netherlands. AIDSfonds Starter Grant 2015-2016.
  • Technical Advisor, Research Supervisor. Maximinzing antiretroviral treatment in Swaziland (MaxART) 2013-2015.
  • Co-Principle Investigator.  Filling the Gap: Social Institutions and AIDS in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, NWO/WOTRO-Integrated Programme 2009-2013.
  • Project Coordinator, lead researcher, technical advisor.  Learning by Doing: Enhancing treatment literacy and addressing sexual and reproductive health of PLWA in Eastern Africa, AIDSFonds, 2007-2011.
  • Co-Principle Investigator. Young Labor Migrants in Three Chinese Cities: A demonstration intervention project to address barriers to health care and promote sexual and reproductive health.  Funded by European Union FP-7, 2006-2009. 
  • Field Research Coordinator for Kenya country study. Testing and Counseling for HIV: A Four-Country Study, United States National Institutes of Health (NIH). 2007-2009.
  • Co-Principle Investigator. Social Aspects of Free AIDS Medicines in Public Health Care Settings in Tanzania and Zambia.  Funded by Swedish International Development Aid (SIDA), 2006-2007.



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Scientific position

  • Moyer, E.M. (2012-2018): Association for the Social Sciences and Humanities in HIV .
  • Moyer, E.M. (2010-2018): European Association of Social Anthropology .
  • Moyer, E.M. (2010-2018): Religion and AIDS in Africa Research Group .

Journal editor

  • Hardon, A.P. (editor) & Moyer, E.M. (editor) (2014): Anthropology & Medicine (Journal).
  • Moyer, E.M. (editor) & Hardon, A.P. (editor) (2014): Medical Anthropology (Journal).
  • Moyer, E.M. (editor) & Nguyen, V.K. (editor) (2014-2018): Medicine Anthropology Theory (Journal).
  • Moyer, E.M. (editor), van Dijk, R.A. (editor) & Burchardt, M. (editor) (2013): Culture, Health & Sexuality (Journal).

Talk / presentation

  • Moyer, E.M. (invited speaker) (2018): “We have to ask for permission to become”: Young women’s voices and social media in South Africa, African Studies Association.
  • Moyer, E.M. (invited speaker) (2017): “Let us just leave”: Gossip, Marginality and Mobility among gay men in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, European Network for Queer Anthropology, Budapest.
  • Moyer, E.M. (invited speaker) (2017): Making Care Count: Psycho-social work in the age of HIV treatment in Africa, Society for Psychological Anthropology biennial conference, New Orleans.
  • Moyer, E.M. (invited speaker) (2017): “We have to ask for permission to become”: Young women’s voices and social media in South Africa, European Conference on African Studies, Basel.
  • Moyer, E.M. (invited speaker) (2017): Medical Anthropology at Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya: Creating links between academia and practitioners, Medical Anthropology Young Scholars (MAYS) conference, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
  • Moyer, E.M. (invited speaker) (2017): Performing Queerness in Africa: Bridging epistemological rifts on the Swahili Coast, American Anthropological Association.
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  • Moyer, E.M. (invited speaker) (2016): Queering the Evidence: Remaking homosexuality and HIV risk to ‘end AIDS’ in East Africa, American Anthropological Association, Minneapolis.
  • Moyer, E.M. (invited speaker) (2016): A Note from the Post-Colony: Mechanisms for LGBTI psychological support in Nairobi, Kenya, Addressing Gay and Bisexual Men’s Mental Health: Time to Act workshop.
  • Moyer, E.M. (keynote speaker) (2015): Making Care Count: Valuing socio-logistic work in the age of HIV treatment in eastern Africa, Swiss Ethnological Society.
  • Moyer, E.M. (invited speaker) (2015): Circumcising Our Sons: Parenting for HIV prevention as a form of biopolitical citizenship in Kenya and Swaziland, American Anthropological Association.
  • Moyer, E.M. (keynote speaker) (2015): Abundance and (Un)happiness, or the Curious Story of the ARV-fattened Chicken, Johannesburg Workshop on Theory and Criticism, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Moyer, E.M. (invited speaker) (2015): GIPA at 20, Roundtable Presentation, Association for the Social Sciences and Humanities in HIV .
  • Moyer, E.M. (invited speaker) (2015): 'My mom made me do it': Examining autonomy and assent among adolescent males undergoing voluntary medical male circumcision in Swaziland, AIDSImpact , Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Moyer, E.M. (invited speaker) (2015): GIPA at 20, Roundtable Presentation, AIDSImpact , Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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  • Maluleke, Gavaza (participant) & Moyer, E.M. (participant) (29-6-2017 - 1-7-2017): 7th European Conference on African Studies ECAS 2017 (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
  • Moyer, E.M. (organiser) (2016): Workshop organized at University of Amsterdam (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
  • Moyer, E.M. (organiser) (2016): Roundtable organized at University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
  • Moyer, E.M. (organiser) (2016): Keynote Lecture, given by Julie Livingston (New York University) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
  • Moyer, E.M. (organiser) (2016): Workshop organized at University of Amsterdam (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
  • Moyer, E.M. (organiser) (2016): International Workshop organized at University of Amsterdam (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
  • Moyer, E.M. (organiser) (2016): Keynote Lecture, given by Robert Desjarlais (Sarah Lawrence University) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
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  • Rutayisire, T. (2018). Neither here nor there: The impact of community justice on everyday life in post-genocide Rwanda [details] 



  • Simbaya, J. (2016). An ethnography of HIV/AIDS care transformation in Zambia [details] 
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