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Prof. R. (Richard) Ronald

  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
    GPIO : Urban Geographies
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    REC BC
    Nieuwe Achtergracht 166  Room number: B4.08
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    Postbus  15629
    1001 NC  Amsterdam
  • R.Ronald@uva.nl

dhr. prof. dr R. (Richard) Ronald

is Professor of Housing, Society and Space in the Department of Geography, Planning and International Development and at the Centre for Urban Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He is also an Honorary Professor at the University of Birmingham in the UK. Among other functions, he is the editor of the International Journal of Housing Policy, coordinator of the Home Ownership and Globalization Working Group of the European Network for Housing Research and Co-editor of the Palgrave book series, 'The Contemporary City'. He has published widely on housing in relation to social, economic and urban transformations in Europe and Pacific Asia including a number of monographs and edited volumes. Richard has held Japan Foundation as well as Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowships at Kobe University in Japan (2002-2006), and been a Visiting Professor at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea (2010-2012) as well at the Asia Research Institute as National Unversity Singapore (2015). He is originally a graduate of the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University in the UK.


Richard is director of the Research Masters in Urban Studies and the Urban Studies Summer Programme. He also contributes to various Masters and Bachelors programmes in Social Geography and Urban Planning, and specifically coordinates a number of courses on housing  markets, policy and practice. He has previously lectured in Social Policy at the University of Birmingham, UK, on Contemporary Japan at the University of Leiden and on Housing and Urban Studies in the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft, the Netherlands. Richard has also taught ethnography, psychology and sociology at Nottingham Trent University, the Open University and the Worker's Educational Association in the UK . 

PhD Students

Richard has recently supervised a number of succesful PhD projects on:

  • How Post-crisis Socioeconomic Transformations are Restructuring Access, Exclusion and Exposure to Housing Markets
  • Family Housing Property and Household Welfare Strategies: Patterns of Intergenerational Solidarity in Different Welfare Regimes Context
  • Migrants and the New Stage of Public Housing Reform in Urban China
  • Housing Affordability and Market Based (re)regulation and Reform in Amsterdam and New York

 He is also interested in supervising students for Masters and PhD projects on:

  • Housing markets and housing systems
  • Housing policy and welfare states
  • Relationships between families, households and social change
  • Urban singles - urban life-courses - urban lifestyles
  • Family change and urban transformations
  • Home and housing


Richard has chaired a number of conferences including the International Sociological Association Research Committee 43 conference, ‘At Home in the Housing Market’, at the University of Amsterdam. He also coordinates the Home Ownership and Globalisation Working Group of the European Network of Housing Research (ENHR).

Research Reports

Starters on the Amsterdam Housing Market: for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, The Netherlands


Housing Markets and Welfare State Transformations:

How Family Housing Property Is Reshaping Welfare Regimes


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  • Ronald, R. (2012). ERC Starter's Grant: HOUWEL - Housing markets and welfare state transformations.

Scientific position

  • Ronald, R. (2013-2017). Professor, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK.
  • Ronald, R. (2013). International Advisory Board Member, Housing Studies.
  • Ronald, R. (2012). Member of Editorial Board, Housing Studies.
  • Ronald, R. (2011). Member of the Editorial Board, Housing Studies.
  • Aalbers, M. B. & Ronald, R. (2011). Workshop on "Housing Markets: Booms, Busts and Urban Transformations", Annual international conference of the “ISA RC21, Sociology of Urban and Regional Development", Amsterdam.
  • Ronald, R. (2010). Member of Editorial Board, Housing Studies.
  • Ronald, R. (2009-2013). International Advisory Committee, SSCI ranked journal, Housing Studies.

Media appearance

  • Ronald, R. & Hochstenbach, C. (16-01-2018). De problemen op de Amsterdamse woningmarkt zijn te complex om op korte termijn op te lossen, zo bleek op de speciale hoorzitting in de Amsterdamse gemeenteraad [Print] Het Parool. Particuliere beleggers en problemen op de Amsterdamse woningmarkt.

Journal editor

  • Ronald, R. (editor in chief) (2015-2018). International Journal of Housing Policy (Journal).
  • Ronald, R. (editor) (2012). International Journal of Housing Policy (Journal).
  • Ronald, R. (editor) (2011). International Journal of Housing Policy (Journal).
  • Ronald, R. (editor) (2010). International Journal of Housing Policy (Journal).

Talk / presentation

  • Ronald, R. (speaker) (20-9-2017). Huisvestingsoplossingen voor internationale studenten over de wereld, Themabijeenkomst internationale studentenhuisvesting, Amsterdam.
  • Hochstenbach, C. (speaker) & Ronald, R. (speaker) (20-9-2017). The revival of the private rental sector under Amsterdam’s regulated marketization regime, REFCOM Conference, Leuven.
  • Ronald, R. (keynote speaker) (15-2-2017). Generation Rent: Intergenerational inequalities and family relations, Australasian Housing Research Conference, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Ronald, R. (invited speaker) (29-9-2016). Japan’s Urban Singles: Negotiating Alternatives to Standard Family Households, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore.
  • Ronald, R. (keynote speaker) (30-6-2016). Territories and temporalities of housing and welfare: from a regime to an assemblage approach, European Network for Housing Research, Belfast, United Kingdom.
  • Druta, O. (speaker) & Ronald, R. (speaker) (29-3-2016). Intergenerational Support for Homeownership in a Post-Socialist Housing Market, American Association of Geographers Conference, San Francisco.
  • Ronald, R. (invited speaker) (27-11-2015). Can a Freeter buy a house? Contemporary housing issues in Japan from the lost generation to Generation Rent., The Japan Foundation.
  • Druta, O. (speaker) & Ronald, R. (speaker) (13-7-2014). Negotiated Independence: Young People's Transitions into Homeownership and Family Support, XVIII International Congress of Sociology, Yokohama, Japan.
  • Ronald, R. (invited speaker), Lennartz, C. (invited speaker) & Arundel, R. I. M. (invited speaker) (24-6-2014). How housing markets are reshaping welfare states, Internationale Lunchlezing, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of The Netherlands.
  • Ronald, R. (invited speaker) (11-4-2014). Young people and home ownership in Europe: generation rent and post-homeownership societies, Reykjavik Academy.
  • Ronald, R. (invited speaker) (16-9-2012). Housing and Welfare in Western Europe, International Conference on Housing Welfare and Public Policy, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Ronald, R. (invited speaker) (16-9-2012). "Housing and Welfare in Western Europe: What insights for South Korea?", International Conference on Housing Welfare and Public Policy, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Ronald, R. (invited speaker) (7-7-2011). Public-Private and Social Housing in Post-crisis East Asia, European Network for Housing Research Conference - ‘Mixité’, Plenary: End or future of the Social Housing? Looking beyond Europe, Toulouse, France.
  • Ronald, R. (invited speaker) (24-2-2011). Housing , Family and Urban Transformation in Japan, Nissan Institute Lecture, University of Oxford.
  • Ronald, R. (invited speaker) (16-2-2011). New Directions in East Asian Housing and Welfare Approaches, Department of Public and Social Administration: Research Seminar Series.


  • Ronald, R. (organiser) (10-7-2013 - 12-7-2013). Annual Conference, University of Amsterdam. Conference Chair at the International Sociological Association, Research Committee 43: At home in the housing market In contemporary societies, the (…) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
  • Doling, J. (organiser), Elsinga, M. (organiser) & Ronald, R. (organiser) (15-11-2012 - 16-11-2012). ENHR Working Group Conference: Home Ownership - During and After the Great Financial Crisis, Delft, Netherlands (organising a conference, workshop, ...).


  • Ronald, R., & Druta, O. (2016). How Changes in Housing, Homes and Households are Reshaping Urban Japan. (Asia Research Institute Working Paper Series; No. 249).
  • van Duijne, R. J., & Ronald, R. (2016). The Unravelling of Amsterdam’s Unitary Rental Market. (Urban Studies WPS; No. 19).
  • Manzo, L. K. C., Druta, O., & Ronald, R. (2016). Supported Home Ownership and Adult Independence in Milan: The Gilded Cage of Family Housing Gifts and Transfers. (HOUWEL Working paper series; No. 11).


  • Arundel, R., & Ronald, R. (2015). Parental co-residence, shared living and emerging adulthood in Europe: semi-dependent housing across welfare regime and housing system contexts. (HOUWEL working paper; No. 5). Amsterdam: Centre for Urban Studies, University of Amsterdma. [details] 
  • Ronald, R., Lennartz, C., & Kadi, J. (2015). What Ever Happened to Asset Based Welfare? Shifting Approaches to Housing Wealth and Welfare Security. (HOUWEL; No. 7). Amsterdam: Centre for Urban Studies.
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