Prof. J.L. (Justus) Uitermark

  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
    Programme group: Political Sociology: Power, Place and Difference
  • Visiting address
    REC BC
    Nieuwe Achtergracht 166  Amsterdam
    Room number: B6.18
  • Postal address:
    Postbus  15508
    1001 NA  Amsterdam


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  • Beraldo, D. (2017). Contentious branding: Reassembling social movements through digital mediators [details] [PDF]


  • Uitermark, J. L. (2010). Dynamics of power in Dutch integration politics [details / files]


  • Nicholls, W.J. (participant) & Uitermark, J.L. (participant) (2011): Research Committee 21 (RC21) on Sociology of Urban and Regional Development of the International Sociological Association, Annual Meeting on the “Struggle to Belong,”, Amsterdam (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).

Keynote / Invited lecture

  • Hochstenbach, C. (keynote speaker), Uitermark, J.L. (speaker) & van Gent, W.P.C. (speaker) (17-5-2016): Lezing 10 jaar Rotterdamwet: de effecten, Kenniswerkplaats Leefbare Wijken, Hogeschool InHolland Rotterdam.

Journal editor

  • Uitermark, J.L. (editor) & Nicholls, W.J. (editor) (2012): Environment and Planning A (Journal).
  • Uitermark, J.L. (editor), van Heerikhuizen, B. (editor) & van Reekum, R. (editor) (2012): Sociologie (Journal).

Book editor

  • Uitermark, J., Oudenampsen, M., van Heerikhuizen, B., & van Reekum, R. (2012). 'Power to the people!' Een anatomie van het populisme. Den Haag: Boom Lemma uitgevers. [details]
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