Urban Lecture Series

The Centre for Urban Studies has started a new Urban Lecture Series in collaboration with Pakhuis de Zwijger. In the Urban Lecture Series (inter)national urban experts are invited to provide a talk on interesting issues related to the city.

  • Bogota

    Urban Lecture #8 | Austin Zeiderman: Securing Urban Housing

    Lecture by Austin Zeiderman and public discussion about securing Urban Housing and the Government of Risk between Bogotá and Amsterdam.

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  • London City

    Urban Lecture #7 | Jennifer Robinson: Comparative Urbanism

    A lecture by Jennifer Robinson about comparative perspectives from London, Johannesburg and Lilongwe.

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  • Manchester Mike Kniec

    Urban Lecture #6 | Sue Heath: Shared housing, shared lives?

    A lecture by Sue Heath which goes into the the impact of spatial and ‘atmospheric’ aspects of shared living arrangements on the nature of everyday domestic intimacy.

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  • Mumbai Tower

    Urban Lecture #5 | Stephen Graham: Luxified Skies

    In many cities social housing towers constructed between the 1930s and 1970s are demolished. In this lecture Prof. Stephen Graham explored the causal connection between the demonisation and dismantling of these social housing towers and the ...

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  • New York

    Urban Lecture #4 | Samuel Zipp: 'Vital Little Plans: Jane Jacobs on Cities, Economies, and Morals'

    This lecture will elaborate on Jane Jacobs and her less well-known visions on economic growth and forms of social and political organization that shape urban life.

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  • Party and Politics

    Urban Lecture #3 | Jonathan Metzger: 'Postpolitics: the great uncanny of contemporary planning?'

    The concept of postpolitics or ’the postpolitical’ appears to generate a lot of strong feelings and manifest frictions within the planning research community. In this talk, Metger will try to unpack the apparent affectivity of the concept of ...

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  • Picture that sais: refugees welcome

    Urban Lecture #2 | Roger Andersson: 'Refugee immigration to Sweden'

    October 2015, the Swedish government decided to make an U-turn in terms of immigration policy, when it turned out that the European Union was not able to decide on mechanisms of shared responsibility, and the stream of refugees crossing Europe on ...

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  • Waldinger plus book cover

    Urban Lecture #1 | Roger Waldinger: 'The Cross-Border Connection'

    International migration presents the human face of globalization, with consequences that make headlines throughout the world. The Cross-Border Connection addresses a paradox at the core of this phenomenon: emigrants departing one society become ...

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