Bengt Turner Award for Rowan Arundel

12 July 2016

Rowan Arundel was awarded the Bengt Turner Award at last month’s European Network of Housing Research Conference in Belfast. The award is for his paper ‘Equity Inequity: Housing Wealth Inequalities, Inter and Intra-generational Divergences, and the Rise of Private Landlordism’, which came first in a field of more than 20 competing for this award for new researchers working on housing and urban issues. 

In his paper he discusses rising inequalities across advanced economies from a `housing' perspective. He argues for the special position of housing equity in inequality dynamics while challenging a persistent ‘ideology of homeownership’ as a widespread and equalizing mechanism of asset accumulation.

About the award

The aims of the Bengt Turner Award are to encourage new researchers to write research papers on housing and urban issues linked to the topics of the European Network for Housing Research (ENHR) Working Groups, to increase awareness of ENHR, and to keep alive the memory of Bengt Turner.

Rowan is PhD researcher with the Amsterdam Institute for Social Sciences Research (AISSR) at the University of Amsterdam. He is working on the ERC-funded HOUWEL project looking at interactions between housing systems, the role of home ownership and welfare regimes.

Published by  AISSR