Centre for Urban Studies

Cities and the political imagination

Human Geography

02June2017 16:00 - 17:00

Inaugural lecture

How can urban studies understand the political in the city? How might social scientists engage with forms of urban politics outside of established sites of research such as those associated with representative democracy or social movements? These are questions Rivke Jaffe explores in her inaugural lecture.

Jaffe suggests that new perspectives on urban politics might be enabled by connecting insights and methods from the humanities and the social sciences, and combining long-term urban ethnography and cultural analysis.

Reading forms of creative expression – including popular music and visual culture – in relation to power struggles in and over urban space can direct our attention towards negotiations of authority and political belonging that are often overlooked within the social sciences.

The lecture explores the possibilities of such an approach by focusing on the idea of the political imagination, and in particular on how everyday practices are informed by imaginations of urban rule and citizenship. 

R. K. Jaffe, professor of Cities, Politics and Culture: Cities and the Political Imagination.



This event is open to the public.

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