Working Papers Series

The Working Paper Series (WPS) allows for timely and wide dissemination of research findings and provides our researchers with the possibility to get early feedback on their work.

Papers published in the series are pre-publications, published electronically by the Centre for Urban Studies and available online-only via this website. Upon publication, the downloadable CUS WPS version will be removed from our website, and the download link is replaced by a direct link to the publisher's website. 

Announcements of new working papers are circulated in our newsletter

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  • WPS No.03 | Lennartz, C., Arundel, R. & Ronald, R. (2014) Young People and Homeownership in Europe through the Global Financial Crisis

    In context of poorly performing national economies and sustained employment insecurity since the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2008, various UK and US studies have suggested that access for younger people to independent living, and to ...

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  • WPS No.02 | Nijman, J. & Clery, T. (2013) Suburban Imaginaries and Metropolitan Realities in North America

    North America may be considered the ‘birthplace’ of the prototypical 20th century suburb. From there, common usage of the terms suburb and suburbanization spread to the rest of the Western world, and then across the globe. It has become ...

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  • WPS No.01 | Ronald, R. & Doling, J. (2013) The Changing Shape of the East Asian Housing Model

    While patterns of housing policy, production and occupation are quite diverse, housing interventions in developed East Asian economies have historically focused on high volume housing output targeted at economically productive, male-headed family ...

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