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Centre for Urban Studies

Although the Centre for Urban Studies does not offer education programs itself, our members are involved in various bachelor and master programs, as well as diverse short-term courses.

Amsterdam summer programmes
Photo: Wouter van der Wolk
  • Summer and Winter Schools

    The University of Amsterdam offers high-quality and academically challenging programmes that will introduce you to a new academic discipline or complement your existing studies. The courses draw on interdisciplinary themes in which our University excels, including Urban Studies. Various courses also offer ECTS credits. Courses are offered in both the summer and winter breaks.

  • Research master in Urban Studies

    The two-year Research Master’s in Urban Studies deals with questions surrounding the increasing urbanisation of today’s world. Cities are characterised by economic, social, political and cultural opportunities, but also carry risks of social problems, inequality and security issues. In this programme, you will learn to research and analyse these challenges.

  • Master in Urban and Regional Planning

    New conditions of the network society and relational geography have rapidly influenced urban and regional development. The Master’s programme in Urban and Regional Planning offers you a broad training in urban and regional planning, with a focus on strategic planning, climate proof cities, mobility in transformative spaces as well as urban planning and property-led development. During the programme, you will focus on innovative forms of planning aimed at solving problems of collective action in metropolitan areas.

  • Master in Human Geography

    The Master Human Geography at the University of Amsterdam has a focus on urban and political geographies. The programme offers four specialisations: Economic Geography, Environmental Geography, Political Geography and Urban Geography.

  • Master Sociology, specialisation in Urban Sociology

    The specialisation in Urban Sociology provides graduates with an in-depth, research-informed and theoretically driven understanding of urban society. What is urban about sneakers? Why is the city a refuge for queer people? How much does Instagram say about a city? What are the politics of building a mosque, a church and a Buddhist temple? What is participatory about the participatory design? The Urban Sociology specialisation is all about hands-on research into the topics that are most current in the contemporary thinking about urbanization. Being its part means studying the city as a space of innovation (for new ideas, fashion, music genres, lifestyles), a site of struggle and political mobilization, and a domain for policy interventions.

  • Bachelor in Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies

    The College Social Sciences (CSW) offers disciplinary and interdisciplinary Bachelor's programmes in Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies.