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Mobility is fundamental to urban living. But how do we talk about it and are we asking the right questions? This event invites a range of speakers to discuss these questions.

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Date 14 November 2018
Time 20:00 - 22:00
Copyright: Peter Heeling

The city is “not simply a place where one lives, it’s above all a crossroads”, according to the French philosopher Paul Virilio. Cities are made possible and are continuously shaped by mobilities, every moment of the day – from walking and cycling to migration and tourism. Mobility is much more than transport flows, migration or tourist numbers. It is our way of being together as society. It is a sort of a commons. But does the way we talk about mobility, study it and plan for it reflect its complexity and its social meaning? Responding to the question, this evening scholars, city officials, artists and the public together draft a common dialogue agenda on city and mobility in Amsterdam. 

This event is both a closure and an opening. It brings together the results of the seminar series Cities & Mobilities organized by Anna Nikolaeva (University of Amsterdam) at the Centre for Urban studies and it opens a Cities & Mobilities dialogue forum.

Copyright Peter Heeling

What are we going to do?

  • Anna Nikolaeva opens the evening by introducing Cities & Mobilities network – a dialogue forum on mobility that builds on Cities & Mobilities seminar series at the Centre for Urban Studies, University of Amsterdam.
  • Together with Marco te Brömmelstroet, Thalia Verkade and Jan Duffhues we explore the problematic and powerful relationship between language and mobility. How do we (implicitly) frame issues around mobility in policy and popular media? How does that limit our thinking? And how does this reflect fundamental ideas about cities and mobilities that shape policies and urban living?
  • Bart Stuart invites us to explore issues around mobility, diversity and belonging in present day Amsterdam. What is changing in the way we share the city?
  • Zeeger Ernsting, Ananda Groag and Anna Nikolaeva continue to question the framing of mobility issues in the city. How do ideas of scarcity and sufficiency, sharing and commoning help us to rethink mobility in the city? What city do we want to live in? 
  • Throughout the evening, the audience and speakers jointly construct a common agenda for a dialogue on the city and mobility in Amsterdam. The evening closes with drafting this agenda and an invitation to join the ongoing Cities & Mobilities dialogue forum.


This event is the concluding event of the Cities & Mobilities seminar series, funded by a CUS Seed Grant XL. It is organised by Anna Nikolaeve in collaboration the Centre for Urban Studies and Pakhuis de Zwijger.

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