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The guest lecture given by Tim Cresswell during the first Cities & Mobilities Seminar 'Mobility and Place' is now available online.

Tim Cresswell Cities & Mobilities

Mobility and Place

During the first seminar of this series on the 27th of October 2017, we focussed on mobility and place. Guest speaker Tim Cresswell provided a talk on: “Maxwell Street: Writing and Thinking Mobility and Place in a Chicago Market”. His presentation was a reading of a selection of fragments from his forthcoming book that features the theme of interacting mobilities (of people, things, ideas) within the place that is and was Maxwell Street.

Tim Cresswell

Is Professor of American Studies, Dean of Faculty and Vice-President for Academic Affairs at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. Trained as a cultural geographer, Cresswell’s research focusses on the role of mobility, place, and space in the constitution of social and cultural worlds. Recent work has centered on the relations between forms of mobility and power in modern life. He is currently completing a book on the 100-year history of the Maxwell Street market in Chicago framed as an account of interactions between place and mobility. Cresswell is the author, co-author or co-editor of a dozen books including On the Move: Mobility in the Modern Western World(2006) and Geographies of Mobilities: Practices, Spaces, Subjects (2011). As a poet he is the author of two collections: Soil (2103) and Fence (2015), which continue his explorations of place and mobility. He is co-editor of the AAG journal GeoHumanities: Space, Place, and the Humanities.

Tim Cresswell Cities & Mobilities
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