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Four initiatives have been awarded a Seed Grant in the first round of 2018. CUS Seed Grants aim to facilitate new and promising research initiatives and projects, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and stimulating original research in the field of Urban Studies.

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In spring 2018, the Centre for Urban Studies launched an open call for seed grant proposals, to support and facilitate research initiatives of CUS’ research staff. The grants have the aim to mobilize people and ideas, ‘to plant promising seeds’, to foster interdisciplinary dialogue, and to stimulate original research in the field of Urban Studies. Four grants have been awarded during this round of Seed Grants:

1. ‘Commoning work - an art project’

Awarded to Marguerite van den Berg and Lisette Olsthoorn

This seed grant envisions a collaboration across the arts and sciences on the topic of the urban commoning of labour. A plan for a visual art project on women’s experiences with (reproductive) labour will be developed, as well as a grant proposal for a more extensive project.

2. 'Urban Scene Investigation' - international workshop

Awarded to Jan Rath

A series of international workshops will focus on how the proliferation of urban amenities affects the cultural consumption of the new middle classes, and how those processes relate to urban identities, life styles and the urban commons.

3. Digital affordances and urban politics- international workshop

Awarded to Francesca Pilo'    

Digital technologies can democratize access to urban knowledge production and policy formulation, but can equally enable increased surveillance and the commodification of private information. This project aims to explore how both urban residents and governance actors negotiate this tension between democracy and control. International urban scholars will come together during a workshop to explore this question from different disciplinary and methodological perspectives.

4. 'The Right to Build' - International exhibition and Week of self built housing

Awarded to Willem Salet, Daniel Bossuyt and Stan Majoor

Housing construction worldwide is increasingly directly commissioned by residents themselves. The international exhibition 'The Right to Build', the accompanying publication, and a series of seminars works towards an international comparison of practises of self built housing. The events will take place during fall 2019.

Open Call for Seed Grants

The second call for Seed Grants in 2018 is now open. The deadline for submission is on the 28th of September.