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The Centre for Urban Studies has awarded four Seed Grants to new promising research initiatives. The grants have the aim to mobilize people and ideas, 'plant promising seeds', and to stimulate original research in the field of Urban Studies.

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In summer 2018, the Centre for Urban Studies launched an open call for proposals, to support and facilitate research initiatives of CUS’ research staff. Four grants have been awarded during this round of Seed Grants. A new call for proposals will be published shortly. 

Seminar ‘The new geographies of the European city’

Awarded to Wouter van Gent, Marco Bontje and Willem Boterman

This seminar seeks to answer the question: what constitutes the European city in the 21st century? How may we understand its specific institutional and spatial context and what are the social implications across the continent? The seminar includes key notes by international speakers and several shorter lectures. 

Workshop ‘Gentrification Throughout the Ages’

Awarded to Cody Hochstenbach and Tim Verlaan

This two-day workshop aims to bring together academics from the fields of urban geography, urban history and other urban studies-related subdisciplines to work on a historical understanding of gentrification. Tracing the history of the phenomenon will enable us to challenge common definitions, perceptions and stereotypes. This in turn will inform contemporary debates about whether or not a concept such as gentrification, rooted in the specific historical-institutional context of mostly Anglo-Saxon cities, can be transferred across global contexts and considered a “planetary” phenomenon. 

It’s the (New) Law: Responsibility, Flexibility and City Futures

Awarded to Tuna Tasan-Kok, Danielle Chevalier, Michiel Stapper, Martijn van den Hurk

This Seed Grant aids in the organisation of a series of events on the Omgeveingswet, looking the interface between law and the city. The events include a  set of seminars dedicated to discussing a real-life case, a public event, and a workshop with the ambition of forging a transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary collective.

Workshop on “The Urban Politics of Immigration, Integration, and Diversity in Amsterdam and New York City”

Awarded to Floris Vermeulen and Els de Graauw

This workshop aims to bring politicians from New York City and Amsterdam together with urban scholars working on the politics of immigration to discuss different urban approaches to immigration, integration, representation, and diversity.