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A new call for Teaching Buyout grants is now open. In this call two grants will be awarded to allow a teaching buyout for the equivalent of 0,1 FTE for one year, or approximately €12.000 per grant, to be spent in calendar year 2021.

Aims and criteria

Teaching buyout grants are provided for the equivalent of 0,1 FTE for one year (or a total of 162,5 hours), to assist permanent staff in writing a major research grant application or in the development of a project that benefits the researcher as well as the Centre for Urban Studies and its mission (i.e. the promotion of interdisciplinary collaboration). An additional and important (but not exclusive) selection criterion is the contribution to the development of the thematic focus of the Centre on the ‘urban commons’ (for more information on the thematic focus, and on the broader mission of CUS, see the 2018-2022 strategic plan).

Who can apply

Permanent staff members (Lecturers, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, Full Professors) of the Centre for Urban Studies can apply. The grant will be awarded in calendar 2020 and is to be spent in calendar year 2021.

How to apply

To be considered for this grant, please send a project description of 800 words to by the 12 June 2020. The description should clearly explain:

  • Description of the research grant application or strategic project
  • The immediate and longer-term goal(s) of the application or project;
  • How the grant application or project adds value, not only to the researcher, but also to the Centre for Urban Studies and its mission (i.e. the promotion of collaboration) and – if applicable – to the thematic focus on the ‘urban commons’
  • How the application’s or project's process and/or outcome will be shared with the Centre for Urban Studies members (and possibly beyond);
  • The application or project's timeline, including the expected submission or completion date.

In addition, a simple statement of the relevant Education Program Director and Department Head is demanded, acknowledging awareness of the teaching buyout grant application.

Selection process

If applications only marginally outnumber the available funding (when there are four or less applications and/or when there is a significant difference in quality), the grants will be awarded by the director and coordinator of the Centre for Urban Studies, based on the above criteria. If applications significantly outnumber funding possibilities (when there are more than four applications and/or when there are no significant differences in quality), the director and coordinator will prepare a report supporting a potential decision and submit it to the Executive and Advisory boards of the Centre for Urban Studies. In case that consensus can't be reached, a vote of such boards will be called.

This grant is launched during the Covid-19 crisis. Dutch universities are currently closed and globally travel restrictions apply. We will keep the applicants updated on the possible effects of the crisis and concurrent measures on the Teaching Buy Out grant.