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Are you working on a research project in Amsterdam (or in the metropolitan region)? Do you think your research findings could be interesting for the city of Amsterdam? Would you like to know what research projects and initiatives are being carried in your surroundings? Then can be interesting for you!

We would like to invite Centre for Urban Studies members to attend a workshop for using the platform. In this invitation you will find the description and dates of the workshops.

What is is a digital platform for research and knowledge, about Amsterdam and the metropolitan area. Information about research by Amsterdam-based municipal organizations, universities and other knowledge institutes is shown here, so that researchers (civil servants, scientists and others) can find each other. Researchers can create their own material, which they are then the authors of. The knowledge they share is linked through the use of keywords. Watch the video on the openresearch homepage for more information about the platform.

What is the goal of

The goal of is to share research and knowledge, to make connections visible, and to collaborate on doing research in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Openresearch is relevant for researchers who work in / with the city. Researchers use the platform to share knowledge and find other researchers who work within the same theme. Digital project spaces facilitate the collaboration with people outside your own institution.

Openresearch is based on: a broad definition of research, an insightful research process, accessibility, giving and sharing, open where possible, and ownership.

When are the workshops?

Between the months of August – December, there will be workshops organised for training the new users on how to work within the platform. The workshops will be online and will be organised by the Chief Science Office of the city of Amsterdam. Below you will find the dates of the workshops. Make sure you indicate your preferred date in time so that we can organize the workshops accordingly.


Tuesday 25 August: 15:30-17:00
Thursday 10 September: 08:30-10:00
Tuesday 22 September: 15:30-17:00
Thursday 8 October: 08:30-10:00
Tuesday 20 October: 15:30-17:00

Send an email to register for the workshops by clicking the link below.