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CUS podcasts

Centre for Urban Studies

Results: 1 - 5 of 5
Results: 1 - 5 of 5
  • CSDS Developcast: The City of the Future

    How do cities like Amsterdam deal with climate change, the circular economy and a soaring housing shortage? According to CSDS scientists Dr Michaela Hordijk and Prof. John Grin, these major challenges require more collaboration and a different approach to conducting science. With the Koppelkansen programme, they try to realize and further develop this new approach. Also present: Maarten Claassen, the main driving force behind Koppelkansen. (This episode is in Dutch).

  • The City Unfinished - Episode 3

    This episode is all about Amsterdam smells. Sarita Jarmack sat down with art historian Caro Verbeek to discuss smell in art history and urban history.

  • The City Unfinished - Episode 2

    This episode is all about Amsterdam sounds and soundscapes. Is Amsterdam a loud city? Also, what does it mean to be a loud city? Is it all about the decibels, or are other factors also shaping whether or not an urban sound is heard as a pleasure or a nuisance? Listen to our conversation with urban sociologist Edda Bild and find out.

  • The City Unfinished - Episode 1

    In this episode, Justine Laurent talks to Anastasiya Halauniova about peeing in the city. As you’ll hear, peeing is political and not all bodies are offered the same conditions for this basic – and often urgent – human need. Listen in!

  • Introducing The City Unfinished, a Podcast Experiment

    Brought to you by an enthusiastic group of podcasting newbies, The City Unfinished is a podcast experiment that brings together urban researchers and residents around the political practices, tensions and challenges shaping our cities today.