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Anderhalf NAP episode 1: Janna Coomans on the plague

by Sjoerd ter Borg | Spoken in Dutch

In this episode we take a stroll through the Nieuwmarkt quarter with historian Janna Coomans. We speak with her about another pandemic, the plague, and its legacy to the city. What parallels can we draw between the plague and the current pandemic? Does it make sense to speak of a crisis at all? After a little under a year we reach out to Janna again to reflect on the past year.

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In the Anderhalf NAP podcast Sjoerd ter Borg interviews urban scholars about the structural effects that corona has on the city. Each episode consists of two talks with the same researcher with an interval of almost a year. Have their ideas on the consequences of the pandemic for the Amsterdam city life changed in one year’s time?

This podcast is supported with a Seed Grant XL by the Centre for Urban Studies of the University of Amsterdam.