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Results: 1 - 20 of 103
Results: 1 - 20 of 103
  • Vacancy: postdoctoral research fellow in the field of ‘Urban Commons’
    3 Dec 2020
    The University of Amsterdam’s Centre for Urban Studies is inviting applications for a postdoctoral research fellow in the field of the Urban Commons. The position is aimed at researching the threats and opportunities ...
  • Jan Rath benoemd op Van Doorn wisselleerstoel
    26 Nov 2020
    UvA-socioloog Jan Rath is benoemd op de prof. dr. J.A.A. van Doorn wisselleerstoel aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam voor het academisch jaar 2021-2022 voor vijf maanden. In dezelfde periode wordt hij aangesteld ...
  • Rowan Arundel and Richard Ronald join Centre of Research Excellence on Healthy Housing
    16 Nov 2020
    Rowan Arundel and Richard Ronald from the Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development joined the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence on Healthy Housing.
  • Google Streetview shows social importance pedestrian friendly environment
    2 Nov 2020
    With Google Streetview and Deep Learning, researchers at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Twente identified how the urban environment is linked to the vitality of social organisations and ...
  • Why we need small fish
    15 Oct 2020
    For millions of people, small fish such as mackerel, sardines and anchovies are a crucial source of food. Small fish are nutritious, cheap, and can be found swimming in schools all over the world. Despite this fact, ...
  • Publication resulting from the 2019 Urban Studies Network Day
    8 Oct 2020
    The article ‘Life between buildings from a street view image: What do big data analytics reveal about neighbourhood organisational vitality?’ by Mingshu Wang and Floris Vermeulen has been published online by Urban ...
  • Cover Venus of Shocking Blue
    How The Hague became ‘Beat City no. 1’
    1 Jul 2020
    What made The Hague into a place that could produce such worldwide hits as Venus and Radar Love? According to social geographers Robert Kloosterman and Amanda Brandellero, it was a combination of influences from the ...
  • Save the Date | Open Research Platform Workshops
    30 Jun 2020
    Are you working on a research project in Amsterdam (or in the metropolitan region)? Do you think your research findings could be interesting for the city of Amsterdam? Would you like to know what research projects ...
  • Home and Belonging in the City in times of COVID-19
    22 Jun 2020
    Urban Geographer and CUS-member Fenne Pinkster has initiated a collaborative research project with OIS Amsterdam, the city’s Research, Information and Statistics department, to study how Amsterdammers have ...
  • How is protest heard?
    16 Jun 2020
    Protest is an important means of making yourself heard as a citizen, and sometimes even the last resort. We see this with the protests in the US and in Hong Kong, but also closer to home. But how is protest heard? ...
  • Using data from ODISSEI for your research
    2 Jun 2020
    ODISSEI (Open Data Infrastructure for Social Science and Economic Innovations) is the national research infrastructure for the social sciences in the Netherlands. ODISSEI brings together researchers with the ...
  • New book: Het recht van de snelste
    27 May 2020
    Marco te Brömmelstroet is Professor of Urban Mobility Futures. He recently published the book ‘Het recht van de snelste’ together with journalist Thalia Verkade.
  • Ciclovia, Bogota, Colombia, 2017
    What can we learn from street experiments?
    19 May 2020
    For a long time the car appeared to be the dominant force in urban streets but, increasingly, we are seeing experiments which aim to design streets as places for people. Especially now that our use of public spaces ...
  • Willen we na de coronacrisis weer allemaal forenzen, of meer thuiswerken?
    12 May 2020
    Uit een enquête naar thuiswerken versus forenzen, blijken tegenstrijdige wensen over mobiliteit. Veel mensen verwelkomen de mogelijkheid van meer thuiswerken, maar waarderen en missen ook aspecten van het forenzen. ...
  • Visiting Scholar Grant 2021 - Open Call
    1 May 2020
    This year, the Centre for Urban Studies will award a 10.000 euro Visiting Scholar Grant, to be used in 2021. The Visiting Scholar Grant aims at stimulating new, innovative and collaborative research and initiatives.
  • Fellowship Grant 2021
    1 May 2020
    A new call for one Fellowship Grant is now open. In this call one fellowship will be awarded to fund a stay at the University of Amsterdam for three months, in the form of a €1.600 net monthly allowance to cover ...
  • Teaching Buyout Grants 2021 - Open Call
    1 May 2020
    A new call for Teaching Buyout grants is now open. In this call two grants will be awarded to allow a teaching buyout for the equivalent of 0,1 FTE for one year, or approximately €12.000 per grant, to be spent in ...
  • Prof. Maria Kaika new director Centre for Urban Studies
    30 Apr 2020
    Professor Maria Kaika has been selected to lead the Centre for Urban Studies (CUS) as the CUS Director for the coming five-year period, 2020-2025.  Kaika will be taking over from prof. Luca Bertolini.
  • What epidemics can teach us about burial places
    30 Mar 2020
    Having seen the shocking images of the coffins piled up in Italy on the internet, we need to ask ourselves whether we and the rest of the world are prepared for the considerable impact of the coronavirus epidemic. ...
  • Future-Proof Cities
    25 Mar 2020
    Cities are facing major challenges when it comes to the housing stock, the energy transition, urban quality of life and well-being, the circular economy and climate adaptation.