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Housing Matters episode 2 – Financialisation & Its Economic Effects

by Amber Howard, Junru Cui, Vera Vrijmoeth and Marieke van der Star

In the Housing Matters Podcast, we sit down with researchers and practitioners from a range of fields and disciplines to discuss major 21st century housing issues. Looking at causes, consequences, and potential solutions, we unpack the following themes over six episodes: Housing, accessibility and affordability; housing, financialization and its economic effects; housing, ethics and justice; housing and sustainability; housing and wellbeing; and housing and the urban commons.

How has housing become financialised in the past decades? What role has this had in rising house prices? And how have digital technologies exacerbated the use of housing as an asset class? In the second episode of this series we discuss the financialisation of housing and its economic effects. We are joined by human geographer Manuel Aalbers and geographer Desiree Fields to discuss the features of housing financialisation, how it has expanded, and what impacts it has had, particularly for young adults and first time buyers. We then catch up with Nic Vrieselaar from Rabobank and Stephen Le Fanu from Bristol and Bath Regional Capital to discuss mortgage and tax dynamics, and alternative means for property investment with positive social impact.

Listen to the second episode of the Housing Matters podcast

This podcast is supported with a Seed Grant by the Centre for Urban Studies.