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Housing Matters Episode 3 – Ethics and Justice (part 1)

Can ethics help us understand how to fix our housing crisis? What would a just housing system look like? How can we move from treating housing as an investment good, to treating it as a human right?

We are joined by geographer Richard Ronald and political philosopher Lisa Herzog to discuss how housing has become unevenly distributed across generations and social groups, and how mortgage dynamics have undermined access to housing. We then catch up with Melissa Koutouzis and Mieke Megawati Vlamblom to talk about the housing protests going on in the Netherlands right now, followed by Jan de Vries from Bureau Straatjurist to discuss homelessness, how it’s rising in Dutch cities and what can be done about it.

Listen to part 1 of the third episode of the Housing Matters podcast

This podcast is supported with a Seed Grant by the Centre for Urban Studies.