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Onder Planologen | #2 Groeikernen (new towns)

in Dutch

Planner and urban designer Han Lörzing, who published on the history of Dutch spatial planning earlier this year, explains how the policy on groeikernen (new towns) emerged. Architect and geographer Like Bijlsma, affiliated to the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, grew up in a new town herself and talks about her research on the identity of new towns. What inspiration can we draw from new towns, and what are their future?


A podcast for planners made by planners. The history of Dutch spatial planning, discussed on the basis of different planning concepts. Hosts Peter Peizer (Utrecht University) and Jannes Willems (CUS, University of Amsterdam) talk to guests directly involved in Dutch spatial planning as well as researchers. Editing and technical assistance: Marnix Veldman and Evert Aalten.