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Urban Migration

S.F. (Solène) le Borgne

Shrinking Cities | Social Capital | Place Attachment | Sociospatial Inequalities

Dr. J.M.J. (Jeroen) Doomernik

International Migration | Undocumented migrants | Refugees

Dr. W.P.C. (Wouter) van Gent

Segregation | Urban Politics | Gentrification | Residential Mobility | Housing

Dr. D. (Davide) Gnes

Immigrant Organisations | Citizenship & Rights | Civil Society, Advocacy & Labour Unions

Prof. dr. D. (Dorien) Manting

Spatial Demography | Urban Migration | Inequality

Prof. dr. J.C. (Jan) Rath

Religion | Urbanism | Politics | Research | Racism | Education | Cities | Entrepreneurship

Dr. O.K. (Olga) Sooudi

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Programme group: Moving Matters: People, Goods, Power and Ideas

Dr. A. (Aslan) Zorlu

Advanced Quantitative (Social Science) Research Methods