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Gentrification and Segregation

Dr. E. (Evelyne) Baillergeau

Gentrification and Segregation | Social Exclusion and Inequality | Public Space | Urban Security

Dr W.R. (Willem) Boterman

Social Class | Educational Inequality | Gentrification

L.J. (Laurens) Buijs MSc

Sexuality & Gender | Urban Renewal | Social Movements

M.L. (Lorena) del Castillo Durand MA

Spatial Rights | Latin American Metropolis | Real Estate Markets | Citizen Responses

Dr. W.P.C. (Wouter) van Gent

Segregation | Urban Politics | Gentrification | Residential Mobility | Housing

Dr. C. (Cody) Hochstenbach

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

GPIO : Urban Geographies

Dr. ir. C.J.M. (Lia) Karsten

Child in the City | Urban Family Life | Urban Public Space | New Urban Consumption Spaces

Prof. J.J. (Jan) Latten

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Dep. Human Geography, Planning & International Development Studies

Prof. dr. S. (Sako) Musterd

Urban Geography | Neighbourhood Effects | Urban Change

Dr. F. (Frederico) Ramos Roman

Socioterritorial Configurations | Intraurban Structures | Spatial Analysis | Remote Sensing

Prof. dr. J.C. (Jan) Rath

Religion | Urbanism | Politics | Research | Racism | Education | Cities | Entrepreneurship

Prof. J.L. (Justus) Uitermark

Urban Politics | Social Media | Rapid Urbanisation