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dr. R.I.M. (Rowan) Arundel MSc

Intergenerational Inequalities | Young People | Homeownership

Mr J.R. (Jelke) Bosma

Platform Urbanism | Airbnb & Short-term rental | Labour & Capital

Ms M.L. (Lorena) del Castillo Durand MA

Spatial Rights | Latin American Metropolis | Real Estate Markets | Citizen Responses

Mr R.J.D. (Rik) Damhuis MSc

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

GPIO : Urban Geographies

dr. W.P.C. (Wouter) van Gent

Segregation | Urban Politics | Gentrification | Residential Mobility | Housing

Ms J. (Jolien) Groot MSc

Non-traditional Housing Contracts | Temporary Housing | Social and Institutional Change

dr. C. (Cody) Hochstenbach

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

GPIO : Urban Geographies

Mr S.M.L. (Seppe) Malfait

Politics of Urban Development | Property Relations | Place-Making | Citizenship

Dr M. (Mayra) Ribeiro Mosciaro

Financialisation | Redevelopment Projects | Gentrification | Urban Financing

dr. F.I. (Frank) Mueller

Urban Peripheries

Prof. R. (Richard) Ronald

Property Wealth | Urban Families & Demographies | Comparative Urbanism

dr. D. (Debraj) Roy

Urban Complex System| Modelling and Simulation

dr. C. (Charalampos) Tsavdaroglou

Right to the City | Commons | Enclosures | Intersectionality

dr. A. (Aslan) Zorlu

Advanced Quantitative (Social Science) Research Methods