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Urban Identities

S.F. (Solène) le Borgne

Shrinking Cities | Social Capital | Place Attachment | Sociospatial Inequalities

Dr W.R. (Willem) Boterman

Social Class | Educational Inequality | Gentrification

L.J. (Laurens) Buijs MSc

Sexuality & Gender | Urban Renewal | Social Movements

Prof. dr. W.G.J. (Jan Willem) Duyvendak

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Programme group: Political Sociology: Power, Place and Difference

C. (Niels) Kooiman MSc

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

GPIO : Urban Geographies

Dr. V.D. (Virginie) Mamadouh

Urban Social Movements | Urban Multilingualism | Urban & Multiscalar Territorial Identities & Citizenship

Dr. F.M. (Fenne) Pinkster

Concentration of Poverty | Neighborhood Belonging | Politics of Place

Dr P.J. (Pamela) Prickett

Urban Ethnography | Religion | Gender | Inequality

L. (Lieke) Prins MA MSc

Street Art Culture | Identity Expression | Gender | Public Space

Prof. dr. J.C. (Jan) Rath

Religion | Urbanism | Politics | Research | Racism | Education | Cities | Entrepreneurship

Dr O. (Olga) Sezneva

Politics of the Built Environment | Forced Migration & Urban Identities | Urban Planning & Design under Socialism

Dr. R. (Rachel) Spronk

Gendre & Sexuality | Love & Intimacy | Personhood & Agency | Modernity & Globalisation | African Middle Classes & Cosmopolitism