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Smart City

prof. dr. ir. L. (Luca) Bertolini

Urban Mobility Transitions | Urban Experimentation

Mr J.R. (Jelke) Bosma

Platform Urbanism | Airbnb & Short-term rental | Labour & Capital

Ms L. (Letizia) Chiappini

Sharing Economy | Collaborative Practices

prof. dr. R.K. (Rivke) Jaffe

Citizenship | Security | Popular Culture

prof. dr. C.I.M. (Caroline) Nevejan

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Programme group: Cultural Sociology

dr. A.A. (Anna) Nikolaeva

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

GPIO : Urban Planning

Prof. R. (Richard) Ronald

Property Wealth | Urban Families & Demographies | Comparative Urbanism

dr. F. (Federico) Savini

Politics of Development | Institutional Innovation | Critical Planning Studies

dr. O. (Olga) Sezneva

Politics of the Built Environment | Forced Migration & Urban Identities | Urban Planning & Design under Socialism

Ms Z. (Zsuzsanna) Tomor

Smart Governance | Citizen / Community Engagement | Art-Based Urban Development | Context-Sensitive Collaboration