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Urban Governance

Prof. dr. I.S.A. (Isa) Baud

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

GPIO : Governance and Inclusive Development

L. (Letizia) Chiappini

Sharing Economy | Collaborative Practices

R.S. (Ricardo) Fuentealba Fuentes MSc

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

GPIO : Governance and Inclusive Development

Dr. W.P.C. (Wouter) van Gent

Segregation | Urban Politics | Gentrification | Residential Mobility | Housing

Dr. M. (Mendel) Giezen

Sustainable Urban Development | Urban Circular Economy/Development | Urban Infrastructures

Dr. M.A. (Michaela) Hordijk

Participatory Urban Governance & Budget | Urban Environment | Participatory & Action Research

C. (Ceylin) Idel MSc

Political Geography | Statehood | Political Economy | Urban Politics

Dr. V.D. (Virginie) Mamadouh

Urban Social Movements | Urban Multilingualism | Urban & Multiscalar Territorial Identities & Citizenship

Dr. S. (Sara) Özogul

Governance | Spatial Planning | Social Policy | Property Development

F.N. (Fenna) Smits MSc

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Programme group: Political Sociology: Power, Place and Difference

D.A. (Debra) Solomon

Right to the City | Urban Nature | More than Human | Governance

Prof. M.T. (Tuna) Tasan-Kok

Property-led Urban Development | Planning for Diversity | Urban Regeneration

Dr Z. (Zsuzsanna) Tomor

Smart Governance | Citizen / Community Engagement | Art-Based Urban Development | Context-Sensitive Collaboration

Prof. J.L. (Justus) Uitermark

Urban Politics | Social Media | Rapid Urbanization

Dr. I. (Imrat) Verhoeven

Policy Conflicts | Citizens Initiatives | Local Democracy | Social Movements

Dr. N. (Nanke) Verloo

Planning for Inclusive Cities | Conflicts around Citizenship | Governance | Meaning of Public Space

Dr. H.J.L.M. (Hebe) Verrest

Caribbean Cities | Politics of Urban Governance | Risk Adaptation | Spatial Inequalities

Dr. J. (Jochem) de Vries

Strategic Planning & Governance for Metropolitan Regions | Nexus between Watermanagement & Spatial Planning | Planning Cultures