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Centre for Urban Studies

The Centre for Urban Studies consists of more than 100 members, including 50 researchers and more than 50 PhD students and Postdocs. The Centre is directed by Prof. dr. Maria Kaika. She is supported by an Executive board consisting of the leaders of the constituent research groups, and an Advisory Board consisting of promising upcoming researchers. More information on the members of both boards is available on the administration and organisation page.

Research at the Centre for Urban Studies covers a wide range of themes and topics. The research themes page lists the central research topics and shows which members have expertise on a particular theme.

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All CUS Members

Results: 1 - 40 of 100
Results: 1 - 40 of 100
  • Ir. S. (Selina) Abraham MSc
  • Dr. R.I.M. (Rowan) Arundel MSc
  • Dr. E. (Evelyne) Baillergeau
  • Prof. dr. I.S.A. (Isa) Baud
  • Dr. M.A. (Marguerite) van den Berg
  • Prof. dr. ir. L. (Luca) Bertolini
  • Dr. M.A. (Marco) Bontje
  • S.F. (Solène) le Borgne
  • J.R. (Jelke) Bosma MSc
  • Dr W.R. (Willem) Boterman
  • Prof. M.C.G. (Marco) te Brömmelstroet
  • L.J. (Laurens) Buijs MSc
  • M.L. (Lorena) del Castillo Durand MA
  • L. (Letizia) Chiappini
  • J. (Junru) Cui
  • Dr. J.M.J. (Jeroen) Doomernik
  • Dr. J.C. (Joos) Droogleever Fortuijn
  • Dr. M.J.M. (Thea) Dukes
  • Prof. dr. W.G.J. (Jan Willem) Duyvendak
  • Prof. dr. E.R. (Ewald) Engelen
  • Dr. D.V.H. (David) Evers
  • A.A.M. (Afra) Foli
  • R.S. (Ricardo) Fuentealba Fuentes MSc
  • Dr. W.P.C. (Wouter) van Gent
  • Dr. M. (Mendel) Giezen
  • M.A. (Meredith) Glaser MPhil
  • Dr. D. (Davide) Gnes
  • Dr. E. (Erella) Grassiani
  • Prof. dr. J. (John) Grin
  • Prof. J. (Joyeeta) Gupta
  • Dr. C.H. (Tina) Harris
  • Prof. dr. J.J.M. (Zef) Hemel
  • Dr B.M. (Bas) Hissink Muller
  • Dr. C. (Cody) Hochstenbach
  • Dr. M.A. (Michaela) Hordijk
  • A. (Amber) Howard
  • Dr. R. (Rebeca) Ibanez Martin
  • C. (Ceylin) Idel MSc
  • Prof. dr. R.K. (Rivke) Jaffe
  • Prof. dr. M. (Maria) Kaika